The Wake to Make Movement was created to inspire and empower Makers and Artists like you, to design your lives in such a way that your art works as hard as you do and to come alongside you to build your thriving creative business.

We believe that creative living doesn't just happen to you, but that we have the privilege of designing the kind of lives we want to live, by saying YES to what we love and NO to what we don't, by living minimally, and creating wildly.

We are the Makers and we will bring life with the work of our hands.

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The podcast.

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The Wake To Make podcast is one way that we support you, the maker, so your making can support you. We’re a husband and wife team inspiring, empowering and equipping makers, just like you, to show you how to design your lives in such a way that your art works as hard as you do and to come along side you to build a thriving creative business.

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OUr courses.

We're here to equip you in your making, through effective branding, launching, or organizing. Surf our courses below.


"Why do I need lettering in my life? Well, as someone who who plans events for my business and throws parties for my kids, I have love for all the details...and that includes the lettering. A name badge, place card, or welcome sign...now I feel my lettering is lovely enough to write up on my own rather than have to fuss around with a printer... Thanks Lilah!" - Evangelia Leclaire, www.evangelialeclaire.com

"My regular hand writing is like chicken scratch so I thought this was out of reach for me. Lilah eased our class into it with simple techniques and provided specified guidance as we moved through other letters, making this a really fun And attainable experience!" -Rebecca Gregerson, www.MyProxyFox.com



"The course really helps you slow down and think about things strategically." - Sara, Kid Care CHIP

"It's seriously like surgery for your brand! Lilah really helped me figure out just where my passions were in being a maker and how to turn that passion into a vision for my brand." -Stephanie, Woven Whale Studio

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Each week, we are adding more and more resources to our Wake To Make Resource Library - from our own experiences and from experts in our network.

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